Monday, June 7, 2010

Fat Stats - Week 20

I am not the super-perky, cheerleader type. I wouldn't even really say I'm a glass-is-half-full type of girl. Today though - today is not going to be about woulda-coulda-shoulda. Today is about what we have already accomplished. It's about acknowledging that we are, in fact, bad ass mo' fo's!

Yesterday, Fat Girl Slim and me, we ran SEVEN freakin' miles. Yeah you heard me right. SEVEN miles. In a row. No stopping. No walking.

We are some crazy type of hard core. Just sayin'...
 Obviously our fitness has improved - here is a direct quote from Week 3's Fat Stats:

This weeks "Couch Potato to 5K" looks really daunting - like,
I think there is an actual possibility of me dying this week, daunting.

And exactly what was this "daunting" feat we endured that week? Our first three minute run. That's it, THREE little, itty bitty, teeny tiny, SHORT minutes.

Yeah, we've come a loooooooooooonnnnnng way!!!

Stat wise, we've definitely made some progress.

FGS has lost a total of, wait for it....

TWENTY SIX INCHES!!!!!!! If that's not something to be proud of, I don't know what is! Here's the details:

Fat Girl Slim's Week 20 Numbers

Of course, I always seem to come in second place when that stupid brat is around, but I've made some definitely progress too. Over the last 20 weeks, I've lost 11.25 inches. Never to be seen again!

Muffin Top's Week 20 Numbers

The most important thing though is, how are we going to stay on the right path? On the schedule this week:

Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday: 3 mile run
Friday: 3 mile run
Saturday: 8 mile run

I'm going to try to and throw in a little Pilates and/or Shred here and there. I will definitely get in a  round or two of Jillian Michael's "Yoga Meltdown". I really enjoy it, and think I'll try to get a review up here on the blog this week. Most of all though, we will focus on the running. We've definitely learned that to much (read: Insanity) is out of the question when our ultimate goal is to run!

So, here's to a kick-ass, calorie-burning, attitude-adjusting, all round rockin' week!!! You go out and have one too!

As always, I crave feedback. If you've got something to say - have at it!

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  1. All I can say is WOW - 7 miles! Are you kidding me? That's awesome.