Monday, June 28, 2010

The Weekend Wrap Up

I'll be brief, because there really isn't a lot to say. It started out great as MT and I ran TEN CONSECUTIVE MILES on Friday morning. I am so ridiculously proud of us!!! From there however, the healthy habits just went out the window. I headed to Portland at 4pm on Friday where.....

There was waaaaay too much of this:

This was still early in the game...

And a whole lot of this:

Lots and lots of girly shopping...
Even more of this:

Iced chai from Tea Chai Te... YUM.

Not nearly enough of this:

My ONE attempt at a healthy meal...

Lots and lots of this:

The food consumption was slightly ridiculous...

Copious amounts of this:

This chocolate store was insane.

And still some of this:

Vodka and I are no longer friends today.

And don't forget, there was a bunch of this too [I'm on the left!]:

Aren't we super dorks...

I had a great weekend hanging with friends, but I'm paying for it today. I could barely finish a 3 mile run at lunch time, and I swear I was sweating out vodka by the gallon. Ugg. Lessons learned for sure, but hey, everyone needs to cut loose for a weekend once in awhile.

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  1. Yeeeah. I was sweating vodka by the bucket on the treadmill today (um, totally worth it...). Congrats on the ten miles!