Monday, June 14, 2010

Fat Stats - Week 21

Be warned, potty mouth ahead.

Another week goes by...

And I didn't lose  one.  mother.  fucking.  pound. (Let's not mention the fact that I didn't monitor my food or alcohol intake.)

I ran sooooo much too. Check this out:

So, I burned 150 calories short of a pound. And didn't lose anything. Bull Shit.

I'm gonna bite the bullet and track all of my intake on this week. This better help, or ... else.

I'm a numbers person, I do software development, almost got a Math degree, and took Economics for fun. So if intake minus outtake doesn't equal Muffin Top has a skinny ass - I quit (not really, it just feels good to say it).

This post is super short, but it's time to head home and Fat Girl Slim already put up a really good post this morning.


  1. I have to agree that that is total bullshit. How can that be?

  2. I must be totally blowing it with my eating. Well, that and the fact that I love dark beer (sooo not low calories) and adore Sailor Jerry. I guess my love affair with the booze will have to come to an end :(

  3. Yep, unfortunately booze=sugar - so not fair. If you track what you eat you'll see a difference. Again, so not f'ing fair. Keep trying - what choice do you have anyway? ;-)