Monday, February 21, 2011

Long Time No Post

Hello out there in bloggy land! Sorry for our lack of posting - it's just been a really weird time in both of our lives. Not to worry though, we're still here! We've been trying to figure out this whole Weight Watchers thing.

As far as I'm concerned, so far so good!!! I'm really liking the plan, it's very livable. It really steers you in the direction of healthier foods, while still allowing you to have those not-so-good-for-you yummies. I'm not gonna lie to you though - you really do have to think about your food choices. It's all about making the right decisions.

Of course, what it all really comes down to is what the scale says - which I'll be posting about on Wednesday as soon as I get back from my second weigh in.

You might remember a week or two ago I posted a workout schedule. Let's just say that I haven't been super faithful. No more of that though!!! I've teamed up with some lovely Twitter ladies, and am working out at 5 am. Yes. You heard that right. FIVE IN THE MORNING.

This morning I got up and did Bob Harper's 67 minute "Pure Burn: Super Strength". Oh. My. Hell. It was a hard workout. I definitely got my money's worth with this one! I can guarantee that I am going to be hurting tomorrow and the next day.

And tomorrow morning? I'm thinking that I'll do another Bob Harper one - "Body Rev: Cardio Conditioning". An hour of intense cardio at 5 in the morning? Ha! Bring it on!!! (Actually I say this while cowering the corner, fearing for my life)

If I live through it, I'll do a review of both the DVDs for you :)

Until then - here's to kicking some ass!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Did It!

So, what exactly did we do? We both bit the bullet and joined Weight Watchers. We've been doing this weight loss thing on our own for over a year now. Simple fact of the matter is, we should be at our goals by now. If you've followed this blog for any length of time, you know that exercising isn't where we are falling short. Like Jillian says "you can't out-train your diet". Words To. Live. By. people. For realz.

Can't you just hear her SCREAMING at you?!

Why Weight Watchers? Cause that shit WORKS! It's been proven again and again. You ever seen my girl Suzi Storm??? Case closed.

We are both doing the program, but since it's really flexible, we are doing it a bit differently. FGS opted to go completely online with it. I'm doing the meetings with online access too. I need the personal support right now, and who knows, maybe I'll meet some cool people.

I went to my first meeting this morning. The meeting itself, and all the people there, was good. The weigh in??? Holy freaking hell am I a lard ass. Granted I had on jeans a long sleeve shirt and a hoodie, but still. I weighed in at 183.2. Like the lady said though - might as well weigh in high the first time so that you can go down that much more next week!

So, there's going to be a lot of changes in the way that we are eating. WW really focuses on healthy eating and really an overall healthy lifestyle.

As the days go on we'll fill you in on how it's going and what changes we are making. For right now though, and this is probably because I'm focusing on all the things that I shouldn't be eating, I'm HUNGRY.

Cute little bastard isn't he?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bustin' It Out

It's time to make things happen! Results don't come from being lazy, and my ass isn't going to shrink itself!

My first day at the new job is going to be the 28th, so I have 19 days to work it out and lose as much weight as possible. To that end I've created a workout schedule. It has a LOT of variation to keep it interesting.

Here it is:

Here's my pledge to you - I will tweet my success (or lack thereof) every evening on twitter. Every morning I will tweet the previous days total calorie intake and expenditure. If you don't already, follow me and FGS on twitter now!

Here's hoping for the best!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fat Stats - Week # Who The Hell Knows

I've been a bit emo lately, but that is changing. The big move has taken place and life is looking up. Unfortunately, my weight is also looking up.

So, this is literally some fatty "fat stats". It sucks, yes. But me and Fat Girl Slim are going to turn this shit around!

I'm gonna just show you the damage from the past few weeks straight up.

Fat Girl Slim's Weekly Numbers:

Muffin Top's Weekly Numbers:

So, um, yeah, big old "oops" right there.

If you saw yesterday though, FGS is headed to VEGAS! And no one wants to be a fat ass in Vegas. Me? I'm starting a new job in 3 weeks and plan to be significantly smaller than right now. My pants are tight, my muffin top is BULGING and things have got to change!

And change they will. We've done it before, we'll do it again. Even with 3 hours separating us.

I'm not feeling super hot tonight, I've got a bit of a cold. I'm going to bust out a plan for the next 3 weeks and tomorrow I'll be posting it for you all to see.

It's on like mo' fo' donkey kong bitches.

Like I've always said,

Words to live by!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Thinkin' Vegas, Baby!

Approximately 11 weeks, 3 days and 2 hours from now [not that I'm counting or anything...] I'm dropping off the kids with my sister and heading to Las Vegas for a long weekend with my husband. It's going to be a trip for our 5 year anniversary, although we are going a couple months late. Also, I'm meeting up with some of the most fabulous women I know while we are there. This trip has the potential to be epic. 4 days and 3 nights of fun. ADULT fun. I am pretty sure my husband and I are way overdue for this.

We are going to have a goooood time.....

You know what I would LOVE to be 11 weeks? Twenty pounds lighter, that's what. And it's totally do-able. I mean, it's do-able even according to healthy standards. It's time to go balls to the wall, people. I need to go big or go home. It really seems to be how I work best anyways. I've noticed I'm quite the all or nothing type of girl. [why does that sound dirty?]

I know the past few weeks have been nothing but a whiney cry-fest on this blog, and I thank you all for sticking with us.  We've truly been a couple emo cows as of late.  However, there will be no more of that. It's time to get back to basics and accomplish some goals. So today it's business as usual. [kinda] I'm headed to the gym, I'm eating right and most importantly, I have the right attitude back in place. Never, never, NEVER underestimate the things you can accomplish with the correct frame of mind.

Not really on topic, but OMG, so funny.

Tomorrow we will be back with Fat Stats, as per the [used to be] usual. I might have to post them if Muffin Top doesn't have interwebs at her new house yet, but it WILL be done.

Happy Monday, everyone! Get out and get your exercise on. Let's start this week out right.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fat Stats Postponed

I didn't do fat stats yesterday. It was my last day of work with Fat Girl Slimmed

I'm not going to do them today either.

My heart hurts.

Way down deep in a place that cannot be reached by consolation. A place where nothing can really make it better, because damn it, it's NOT going to be better. It will be different, maybe even good, but it can't really ever be better.

I'm sitting at home when I should be at work with my homie. I'm packing up my family to leave my home. It's not just a house, it's where I've built a life, raised a family. There's a wall where we've marked our boys heights since they could stand up. Who's going to appreciate that when we leave?

I have no words of wisdom to impart. I have no inspiration to give. I only have a hole that can never be filled by anyone except the people I'm leaving behind.

I'm sorry this blog hasn't been what it should be lately, and I promise we will get back on track.

But right now? I just can't right now.