Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fat Stats Postponed

I didn't do fat stats yesterday. It was my last day of work with Fat Girl Slimmed

I'm not going to do them today either.

My heart hurts.

Way down deep in a place that cannot be reached by consolation. A place where nothing can really make it better, because damn it, it's NOT going to be better. It will be different, maybe even good, but it can't really ever be better.

I'm sitting at home when I should be at work with my homie. I'm packing up my family to leave my home. It's not just a house, it's where I've built a life, raised a family. There's a wall where we've marked our boys heights since they could stand up. Who's going to appreciate that when we leave?

I have no words of wisdom to impart. I have no inspiration to give. I only have a hole that can never be filled by anyone except the people I'm leaving behind.

I'm sorry this blog hasn't been what it should be lately, and I promise we will get back on track.

But right now? I just can't right now.

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