Friday, June 18, 2010

So Many Things, So Little Time

When FGS did her bucket list yesterday, I had already been thinking about the things that I want to accomplish. In life, in health, at work, in fitness, in everything really.

It's been a fairly hellish day at work today, so I'm not going to ramble on and on here.

This is my list of things that I would really, really love to accomplish by the end of the summer. 
  • Run the entire distance during our 15K on July 10th. No walking!
  • Take time to relax and just enjoy life, at least once a day.
  • Get back in to routinely doing another form of exercise, other than running, at least 2 - 3 times per week.
  • Pass my ADO.NET certification exam.
  • Continue with training after the 15K in preparation for our September 5th half marathon.
  • Have more date nights with my hunny-hunny.
  • Get a composter and start composting.
  • Complete the half finished home improvements around the house.
  • Clean up my flower beds, move plants, and fill in bare spots.
  • Get a better attitude about exercise, eating healthy, and life in general.
  • Have a kick-ass summer!
 Happy Friday everyone! Have an awesome weekend.

What's on your bucket list? We'd love to hear and get some ideas. Just leave a comment :)

Yeah, it's been a really looooooooooooong week...

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