Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So we put fear, excuses, tiredness and soundness of judgment behind us last night and started the Insanity workout program by Beach Body. I can effectively sum it up in one sentence. This shit is no joke.

Last night Mr. FGS and I did the fit test. MT and Mr. MT did the same thing at their own home. After we finished I was sweating like I've never sweated before. That is one intense work out video. And we only did the fit test!!! I can't imagine what tonight has in store for me.

The Insanity program is basically 60 days of plyometric work outs, coupled with an eating system. You do one scheduled DVD a night, and you eat 5 small meals a day in an effort to maintain blood sugar. So far it just feels like I'm eating a lot. But hey, running 4 times a week along with Insanity 6 days a week should really burn through the calories.

I have to be honest, I was really afraid to start this workout.  My demons came out to haunt me.  What if I don't have enough time?  What if I can't do it?  I was truly terrified before starting.  I just kept repeating this quote over and over to myself.  I think it really helped.

"I really don't believe in fear. I believe in putting in the work." --Deena Kastor

Here are our first day Fit Test results. We'll try to update every couple of weeks with our Insanity stats, if we survive, that is.

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