Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nut Up, Beyotch!

I've been feeling like a slug all day. Lack of sleep + bad eating decisions = totes whiney FGS this week. This afternoon as I sit at my desk, I've been mentally berating myself. Why in the hells bells did I eat a fucking hamburger for lunch? [With French fries, no less!] What would possess me to have a Mt. Dew with my breakfast? My brain is mush right now, and I have the 4pm munchies like I had a really good last dance with Mary Jane. [And let me assure you, I most certainly DID NOT, or I'd be in a much better mood.] It's like I'm slipping into vacation mode four days pre-vacation, and that's totally ridiculous, because I don't even plan on eating this unhealthy during the actual trip! I've been a blubbering, emo mess all day over this and enough is enough really!

That's what I've been doing all day!

Friends, it's time to nut up. I was thinking maybe I'd just head to bed early tonight since I'm feeling so out of sorts. You know, skip the workout, and just relax. About fifteen minutes ago however, I realized that I'm just not going to freaking do that. That is quitting! That is giving in! That is the behavior of the old me, and I cannot bear to be that person anymore.

It's time to do some damage control. First, I started downing water. I'd realized in my lameness, I haven't even touched the stuff today. I'm plowing down a good 64oz before I head home. Next, I'm going to make a green smoothie for dinner because I assure you, I haven't had anything healthy today whatsoever. Finally, I'm going to pick a work out and do it. Even if it is going to hurt and I don't want to! Sometimes exercise is the only way to get myself back in the correct frame of mind, and I am sorely in need of that right now.

Yep, I could use something like this to get me going...

It's hard for me to admit when I've been having a rough week. It's tough to stop the freight train once it's going full speed ahead, you know? However, that's exactly what I'm doing. At 4:30pm on a Tuesday, I'm saying "No more!", because I'm willing to do whatever it takes.

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