Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Fat Stat's Week 16

Holy hell, it's week 16! How did that happen? I'm quite honestly dumbfounded that we've kept this up for so long. Who would've thought we would still be going strong after 4 months? Of course, I wish that I had lost all the weight I wanted to by now, but I'll get there eventually.

What have I done this 4 months? Last week we ran a total of 12 miles, not to shabby if you ask me. That's almost a half marathon (just spread out over a few days). Yesterday morning FGS and I went for a FOUR mile run. That's right, no walking either! Never in my life have I been able to do that. Kick ass, non? And guess what we did today on our lunch? We ran another 3 miles. Holla!!!

Now, I'd be totally lying to you if I said my ultimate goal is anything other being skinny. I'd even like to be too skinny - like my thighs don't even touch - skinny. And if running is the conduit to achieving this - I'm lacing up my shoes...

Why, oh why, can't I look like this?! It's just not fair!

Here's what went down this week - number wise, not a super week. Right now I'm just focusing on the fact that I ran twelve miles last week and trusting that next week the numbers will reflect that.

Fat Girl Slim's Week 16 Numbers:

Muffin Top's Week 16 Numbers:

I've heard that losing slowly is the best way to lose weight. Yeah, that sucks. I need some instant gratification and it's just not going to happen that way. The only thing I can do right now is to focus on all of my accomplishments so far, look at what my body is capable of, and most importantly, do not give up.

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