Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ew .... Gross

If you are dainty, or girly, or otherwise offended by talk of bodily fluid - here's your warning: gross, nastiness talk ahead.

With that being said, let me start with telling you that the phrase "men sweat, women glow" is complete crap.

I never used to sweat very much. Even in my younger (college) days, when I was really thin and worked out daily. Even back then I didn't sweat that much. Don't get me wrong, everyone sweats, and I did too, some. But now, now I sweat fucking bullets.

It's completely NASTY! I have to wear Bondi head bands every time I work out to keep the sweat from running into my eye balls and blinding me. We're not just talking on long runs either. When I do the 25 minute Shred DVD - yep, gotta wear it. When I do a quick 3 miles on lunch - yep, gotta wear it. When I do intervals - yep, gotta wear it.

This is one of my favorite head bands!

What, pray tell, might happen should I forget said head band? It's the stuff of nightmares. The sweat literally pours down my forehead. I have to continually wipe my forehead, wipe my hand off on my shorts, wipe my forehead, wipe my hand off, wipe my ...

And the head sweat isn't all of it.

At first I couldn't figure out what kept hitting my arm. Every so often something small would hit me on the arm, I would look around confused and not be able to figure out what it was. Until it finally dawned on me. My pits were dripping sweat, and it was falling down and hitting my arm.


How the hell did this level of nastiness happen to me?! I've read that the more in shape you are, the more your body sweats. Hmmm... Not sure if I'm buying that one. I've been in shape before, and I sure as hell wasn't dripping sweat!

Yes, it's really that bad. And no, that isn't me.

Is it just the extra weight? Does it make me heat up more? Does it make my body work harder? I have no freakin' idea!!!

How about you guys? Anyone else have this problem??? I'm not all alone in my disgusting body secretions am I?

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  1. How do you sweat like that and then go back to work? I would love a post on how to workout at lunch without having to redo your whole look. Because I look like ass after I workout. No glow, just runny makeup and greasy hair.