Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Big Green Hump

Happy Wednesday, bloggie peeps! I've got a lot on my plate today with running, shredding and pilating [is that a word?] so I'm keeping this post short and to the point. I've got a yummy, basic green smoothie recipe for you today. Drink. Love. Repeat.

"The Grade School"

1 banana (1.5 points)
1 cup grapes (1 point)
1 apple (1 point)
2 cups baby spinach (0 points)
1 cup water (0 points)

Total points: 3.5


  1. I keep reading about green drinks and hearing people talk about them so I finally decided to bite the bullet and try one. I made this recipe last night and LOVED it! I am not really good at eating all my leafy greens so this is a perfect way to get them into my life.

    I added some ice cubes for texture and a scoop of whey protein powder for, well, protein. Great recipe. Any more?

  2. If you look back in our blog, or click on the "green smoothie" label at the bottom of the post, you should be able to see all the green smoothie recipes we've posted.

    I post a new one every Wednesday! I'm glad you liked it!!!