Friday, March 12, 2010

I Am Becoming a Total Bad Ass

I've always been my own biggest critic. And not in an "I say bad things about myself so that other people will tell me how great I actually am" way. It's just how I am and how, I'm guessing, most people are. So, when I say I'm pretty proud of what I've been accomplishing - I really, really mean it.

For the most part, I still say that working out SUCKS. Who wouldn't rather sit on the couch with a yummy cocktail? But I am really starting to love the feeling I get after I'm done. For instance - on Monday the weather here was nasty. FGS and I debated for almost an hour whether or not we should run. Finally though, we said screw it - and we went. Starting out wasn't all that bad, a tiny sprinkle, but that was it. About 4 minutes in though - just about as we were about to start the actual running - it STARTED TO HAIL. Hail people - chunks of ice shooting out of the sky!!! And when they hit your bare skin, well that shit just hurt.

Okay, so it wasn't quite this bad, but almost.

But did we turn around? Hell no we did not! At first it sucked, but the more we went along the funnier it became. And the cooler I started to think we were. I mean, we are like super-women.

We. Ran. In. The. Hail. What else is there to say?!

Yep, that's how bad ass we are!

Midway through our bad-ass run our company Network Admin drove by. He had a completely shocked look on his face when he recognized us. You could tell he was about to pull over and save us from whatever the hell we were doing running down the road in the hail. But we waved him on and grinned like fools. Which, incidentally, he really believes now (that we're fools that is).

The best part though? Since he saw us, he told the rest of our department about it. Other than me and FGS, our entire department is men. So, now all those men know that we are SO MUCH MORE hard core than any of them!!! That is so, so, so worth the frizzy hair I sported the rest of the afternoon!