Thursday, March 11, 2010

These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Things.

Cue The Sound of Music...

Don't pretend like you don't know the words to the song...

It occurred to me a few days ago, that MT and I have found lots of new, "favorite" things lately, and we're kind of assholes for not sharing them already. Perhaps some of our readers will benefit as we have, and who are we not to share?  So welcome to the first installment of "Our Favorite Things".

First up, in the category of "Favorite New Blog We've Been Reading and Loving", (don't laugh at the category names!) is the Bitch Cakes blog. Sheryl (aka Bitch Cakes) runs a Weight Watchers/Fitness/Diet/General Kick Ass blog, and MT and I are totally addicted to it. Her writing is superb, and she gives fantastic advice and great vegan recipe ideas. Also, she's just damn cool. And SO inspirational. And...and...and... I could literally go on all day. Seeing her before pictures compared to how she looks now is just amazing. I'll keep this simple. Go read her blog! Then come back and thank us for linking you to someone so bad ass.

Next we'll move on to the "Favorite New Yummy Food You Should Try" category. Three words, people: Steel Cut Oats. Why have I never given these the time of day before? They are so freaking good and SO filling. They do take a little time to prepare (right around 15 minutes), but they are definitely worth it. Also, you can make them in a pretty big batch and save the extras for the next day. They keep great in the fridge, because they don't turn into mush. [Which disgusts me]. Chewy, yummy, oat-y goodness that is low on calories and high on nutrition; what more could you ask for in a food? Nothing. That's your answer.
These things kick ass.  Trust.

Moving on to the "Favorite New Motivating Book We Just Read" category. It's called The Nonrunner's Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training. It's a hilarious look at running from a "non-runner" standpoint. Dawn Dais, the author, decides to run a marathon even though she really doesn't like to move off her couch. It's inspiring; it's motivating; it's hilarious. Also, it has some great advice in it that I've utilized in my runs. Even if running isn't your preferred form of exercise, you will laugh your ass off at this book.

Read. Laugh. Repeat.

Next up, the "Favorite New Exercise To Do Early In The Morning" category. Pilates is where it's at. Every morning without fail MT and I have been getting up early to get in some core-building exercises. Pilates in the morning is better than coffee for me. [I don't think MT would be willing to go that far]. When I do a short, 25 minute stint, it sets the tone for my entire day. Because, damn, I must be a healthy person if I get up at 6 am just to do exercise! Also, since most of the exercises are on the floor, it doesn't feel so jarring to the body first thing in the morning.

This is me, in the morning.  Or something.

Finally, in the category of "Favorite New Running iPhone App" is the Run Keeper. MT found this one all on her own. We used it for our run today though and it was epic! Not only does it keep track of your distance, it keeps track of your speed, the elevation, and your per mile time. I've been coveting all the Nike ID stuff that's came out, because it's super cool. The problem, however, is that I don't wear Nike shoes. The Run Keeper really feels like an acceptable substitute. Today MT and I realized that we kept the same pace almost our entire run, which included a few steep inclines. We were feeling pretty bad ass.

(unfortunately) These are NOT our stats.

So there you have it. Just a few things we really love right now. We'll try to pass on things in the future when we discover them. Whatever makes this journey a little more bearable, right?


  1. Thank you SO much! I am honored to be part of your favorite things list and there's a lot of other great stuff in here (I too recently discovered the magic of steel cut oats and will mention them next Tuesday). I'll link to you in my next post!

  2. Yes, Bitch Cakes's blog is pretty awesome.
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