Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh The Things You'll Learn

There are many things you'll learn when trying to be healthy and get and shape, here are some of the things that I've only just recently realized:

The true meaning of being sore: you are truly sore when all you want in the morning is a nice hot cup of coffee, but you cannot hold the coffee pot up long enough to pour it :(

The Shred: a dvd workout hosted by Jillian Michaels. Basically THE workout that all others are measured by. Once you start the shred all other workouts seem tame in comparison. I tried one of the biggest loser workout dvds and I wasn't even sweating at minute FOURTEEN. Come one people! If I can still breathe and my muscles aren't trembling with fatigue, it is not a real workout!
   * Side Note: If anyone knows of some ass-kicking workouts on par with the shred, PLEASE TELL ME what they are!!!

People will think you are stupid: To be committed to getting in shape and ready to run a race you will have to do things that you would normally laugh at. If today is a scheduled run day, and it's raining, tough shit - suck it up. This is not to say that I don't whine and complain the entire time before and during the run. But I'm complaining WHILE I do it. And it's not that I blame the people who've been calling me crazy - a few months ago I would have done the same thing. So I just smile back, put my running shoes on, and head out the door.

They're just jealous they don't have you're stamina (that's what she said!)

You can have fun in a spin class: while no bike is actually involved, the workout itself might be even better. The only supplies needed are one husband (if you're not married, just find a guy). Now, with said husband, make him lay down and practice your squatting (aka 'riding') for a good 20 minutes. If done right you won't be able to move your legs without wincing (and it was fun!).

"Getting in shape" never really happens: Some people will argue with me on this, and that's fine since I know that I'm always right. "In shape" isn't like a destination, a place you go, and once you're that's it. There's no "all done", no "damn I'm glad that's over". Why? Because it never is. Even if you achieve results beyond your wildest imagination, even if you have abs as hard as titanium, even if you're thighs don't touch when you walk - if you stop "getting in shape" - it WILL ALL GO AWAY. This completely sucks ass. I know this. But better to deal with the reality of it then go back to the way I was!

It happens to the best of us...

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