Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday FAT Stats: Week 10

Maybe we should have called these "Monday THIN Stats", because I'm really feeling the fat in "Fat Stats" today. It's Monday, no more soda or alcohol for 3 weeks, I'm at work and it's gorgeous outside, FGS is blaming me for her bad attitude (she even called me, and I quote, "whiny bitch"), did I mention NO ALCOHOL?

Keep telling yourself that.
I'll bet there's a kick-ass story behind this picture though!!!
So, it's come clean time. Neither one of us lost anything. Not a fraction of a pound, not a quarter of an inch. Even though nothing changed this week, I'm putting our numbers up for those of you who may not have seen our progress to date. Since this is week TEN, I'm going to put our height and goal too.

Fat Girl Slim's Refresher:
  *  Height: 5' 2"
  *  Goal weight loss: 50 lbs
  *  Lbs lost to date: 11.6
  *  Percent of goal lost to date: 23.2%
  *  Inches lost to date: 15.5

Fat Girl Slim: Week 10 Numbers

Muffin Top's Refresher:
  *  Height: 5' 10"
  *  Goal weight loss: 30 lbs
  *  Lbs lost to date: 4.6
  *  Percent of goal lost to date: 15.3%
  *  Inches lost to date: 7.5

Muffin Top: Week 10 Numbers:

Really anything that isn't a gain is a step in the right direction. I know this, but it is really hard to reconcile that fact with the sinking feeling in my stomach when I step on the scale and it doesn't budge. The feeling that busting my ass is for, what exactly? Not a damn thing apparently.

Like FGS said though, we haven't been completely consistent. We make grand plans every week, but don't ever follow them to the letter. In the final weeks before the 5K we are going to be ON IT! Not only are we going to do EXACTLY what the work-out schedule calls for, but we are going to stay on our point/calorie goal every day.

Rather than a vague "do cross-training x days per week" or "run x days" we cemented out a schedule that must be followed - or beatings will occur! Here's what we are up against:

I think I can, I think I can (can't I?) 

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