Friday, March 19, 2010

Getting My Shit Together

Our 5K is in 3 weeks from tomorrow. 21 days, that's it. Really, that's plenty of time - last year when we attempted the same run we started our 'training' (and I use the term very loosely) 4 weeks before the actual event. We couldn't even run 3 minutes let alone 3 miles! This year we are already running TWENTY MINUTES at a time! * yeah us *

I can't be content with that though - I'm a worrier, it's what I do. Have I ran enough? Have I done enough cross-training? Would Jillian approve? Have I eaten good enough? Well, that one's a definite no...

If we don't have a plan there is no way we will finish that 5K in our goal time of 30 minutes (or less!). It's time to put on our game faces, buck up, bite the bullet, cowboy up, put on our big girl panties...

You get the point.

So our plan is basically broken down into 3 or 4 (or 5) categories:
1. Run. Duh, what else would our first priority be? We are going to run a minimum of 3 times per week, we'll throw in a fourth run if we are feeling extra frisky. Not this weekend, but on the following 2 weekends we are going to run the exact route that the 5K will follow. Nothing like a little practice to get you focused!
2. Stop slacking on the cross-training! I was doing the Shred almost every day and pilates on some mornings, I was doing really good! Now, not so much. So the goal for next week is to do the shred (levels 1 & 2 alternating) 6 days a week. The following week we're going to bust out the before-now-unthinkable LEVEL THREE shred. Yeah, we're crazy like that! The week right before the run will have to be a little more mellow though, I don't know - we'll figure that one out later.
3. Green smoothies. We can't afford to get sick. Green smoothies are full of all kinds of healthy crap that I don't ever actually eat except in smoothie form. For the next 3 weeks they will be a daily requirement!!! If you aren't sure about the whole smoothie thing, we've posted tons of great recipes - just look under "The Big Green Hump".
4. Protien. This is a hard one for me. I'm not a real meat eater, I grew up in Eugene where dinners consisted of tofu, brown rice, and steamed brocolli (or steamed carrots and/or cauliflower if my step-monster wanted to mix things up a little). Add that to 2 years of working at Burger King in high school and you have one very un-meat loving girl. But protien builds muscle and helps your muscles heal. So I need to find other ways to get it.
Seriously, you look at this shit and think "Yummy! I want a piece of that!"
[Editorial note from FGS - "Just cause I eat meat DOESN'T mean I want to eat a MEAT BABY!"]
5. This one is super hard for me to - sleep. We need to get at least 7 1/2 - 8 hours every single night. All that crap I need to do will still be there in the morning (unfortunately).
6. This is the final one, and the one I most desperately DO NOT want to do! No alcohol :( At least, after this week, no more alcohol until after the run. But after that? It's On Like Donkey Kong!!!
My (one of many) true loves!


  1. Come on you guys, pull it together!!!! 21 days you can totally do it. I'm with you on the sleep this 5-6 hour shit sleep whilst listening to my bear of a husband snore, kinda temps me to stick socks in his mouth, and feel like shit the next day.
    My running suggestion, run M, Tu, TH shorter runs, and Saturday morning do a longer run, like the race route. Reward with a Saturday night beer (sorry 3 weeks is too long, no drinking is why I will never have kids either)

    I'll be trying the green smoothie this weekend.
    Keep us posted!!!

  2. runningforgood - you are some kind of crazy genius!!! I thing Saturday night beers are the best idea I've ever heard! We never ended up getting a run in today (work totally gets in the way), so I'm aiming for an a.m. run - thanks for the encouragement!!!

  3. That's y incentive for running (Um yea so my headband says will run for beer and it's the truth)
    I (try) don't drink during training except Saturday night after the lng runs of doom. Plus I'm usually in a boat load of pain and that's nothing a little pinch can't fix :)
    Yea shoot for the Saturday runs and go early. Then you can always justify eating and sleeping like a bear for the rest of the day. It's been working here :)

  4. i love the Saturday beer reward! the rest of your training sounds great! i need to get back to running soon...