Friday, February 26, 2010

Keeping Up The Intensity

This week (so far) has been a good week for the diet/exercise fanatic in me. I've ate really healthy, and the work outs have been hard, long and plentiful. [*snicker*] I've gotten lots of comments on my supposed "intensity". Hell, I even resisted a Blizzard last night. You know, from Dairy Queen. For those living under a rock, a Blizzard is any kind of candy (preferably chocolate or cookie dough) mixed into yummy, soft-serve ice cream. It's essentially heaven in a cup. And I didn't even eat it! If that's not intensity, then I don't know what is.

THIS is a Blizzard.  Please don't drool on your keyboard...

Every time we're running I tell MT that we are the pigs. This is not the derogatory comment you think it is. It's not even a lame attempt at self-deprecating humor. It's a ham and eggs breakfast. [Stay with me here]. It takes two animals to make a ham and eggs breakfast, a chicken and a pig. The chicken is involved, but that pig, he is committed. MT and I? We are the pigs right now. We are committed.

See?  We're pigs!

The problem I come up against is always the weekend, however. During the week I'm intense. I'm committed. Then I get home on Friday night and oh, wouldn't a happy hour cocktail be nice, and oh, how about half a pizza to go with it? Somewhere between Friday night and Monday morning I'm screwing things up royally. These poor weekend habits really need to stop so I don't gain back in two days what I've lost in five.

This weekend I have a few different tactics to try. I'm going to attempt to do what the healthy people do, and we'll see if that makes any difference.

First off, directly after work today, I'm going for a run. [WTF, right?]. I'll use exercise to rid myself of the work week stressors, not Captain Morgan. I may or may not ever do this again, but hey, I'll try anything once! [That's what she said!]. Tomorrow and Sunday, I'm going to wake up and do Pilates come hell, high water or hangover. I've recently found that exercising in the morning puts me in the correct frame of mind for the entire day. And on weekends especially, I need to have my game face on. I'm tired of two steps forward just to take a step back on the weekend. I can do better, because if there is no weight loss again come Monday, I may actually Hulk smash my scale this time.

This will be me if the scale doesn't move in the right direction...


  1. Ha! James always says that about the Pig. I think Matt Damon (his man crush) says it in a movie.

  2. I know it's from a movie somewhere! I can never remember where. MT doesn't believe me. She thinks I just make random shit up.