Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Real Life Sucks

It's been a day - one of "those" days, were everything seems to go wrong and you would be pissed off at the whole world, but you just don't even have the energy left for that.

Fat Girl Slim and I have had a game plan. Bring all our running crap to work this week and run on Moday, Wednesday and Friday. So, Monday I was sick - horrible lingering cold that just won't leave me the hell alone. Tuesday rolls around and it's back to the grind - we missed Monday but that's cool we'll just run today at noon. But (huge) surprise, at 11:45 my phone rings - my oldest is in the school office saying he thinks he's going to throw up. Well ... scratch that nooner.

Fast forward - Mr. MT gets home, I get back to work, it's 5:00 (aka quiting time for any non-salary people out there). Being the bad-asses we are - will FGS and me slack off? Hell no! We are going to run - except for the boss comes by and wants to talk work, and talk, and talk, and - you get the point.

SCREW Calgon - Where's the liquor?!

Now the question is - what do we do? Well, do we do what we've always done - which would be to swear to each other that we'll make it up another day? I really wish I could tell you that there was NO way in hell that thought crossed my mind. But then I would just be lying to both of us. I wanted to go home. Period. I wanted to shove needles under my finger nails about as much as I wanted to run.

But ... we did it. I whined the entire damn time, but we DID it. Life doesn't go according to plan, shit happens, people suck, and then you still have to make dinner, give the kids a bath and do some more damn laundry. And even though that's true, some times you just have to slap yourself upside the head and say - that's who I WAS. Now I run, and that's what I'm going to do. NUT UP!

"You feel good while you're running and you feel even better when you're finished."
- Fred Lebow, founder of the New York City Marathon


  1. Good going. I usually use days like that as an excuse not to exercise. I gotta stop finding excuses if I want the body I want. You know what I mean?

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean! I've spent way to much of my life making excuses - I'm trying to change that, but it's damn hard