Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If You Want To Look Like Someone Who Gets Up At 6am To Work Out, Then Well...

To say I was disappointed with the lack of weight loss this week would be a huge understatement. I knew I hadn't been getting much exercise in. [Stitches all up in your mouth will do that to you.] I knew I hadn't ate perfectly either. However, I still think I should've lost some weight. I wasn't that bad...I don't think.

I got so angry when I hopped on that scale Monday morning. I almost went all Hulk and smashed the freaking scale on the toilet. But instead of using the anger against myself [and potentially freaked Mr. FGS out], I used it to make me more determined. This week, it's on. I'm going to exercise every day and eat right. I'm going to do all that healthy shit that skinny, toned, beautiful people do. This brings me to my point. I've decided to get up and exercise in the morning. Because that's what skinny people do, right? Right?
This is me!!!

The only problem with this is that I'm not really a morning person. At all. In fact, I could do without mornings altogether. They could just go away. I'm the kind of person who would press the snooze ten times if I were able. I used to do this in college and annoy the crap out of my sister. (Hi sis!) Mr. FGS quite literally tries to wake me up several times before I drag my ass out of bed. So how am I supposed to work out in the morning? Yesterday around noon I finally realized the answer. I need to train myself to be a morning person! The same way I'm training myself to love running and eat lots of vegetables.

When I had this epiphany yesterday, I told two people, MT and another good friend of mine. They both had the exact same response. "Good luck with that!!" It's true; I may never get there. But at this point, I'm willing to do just about anything to get the body I want. Ok, that's so not true, but I am willing to make some sacrifices.

Gotta love Kramer!!!

This morning, I drug my soooo tired ass out of bed and did Winsor Pilates. I am fucking super woman, people!! Or at least it felt that way after I had finished. And surprisingly enough, I've had a lot of energy today. MT was really annoyed with my new enthusiasm, and that may be reason alone to continue on this path!

They say it takes twenty one days to make something a habit [I think?]. I intend to make my new morning "exercise, super woman, bad ass routine" just that. I WILL do Pilates every morning in addition to all the other work out crap I'm subjecting myself to. I WILL eventually look like a woman who gets up early to exercise.

Who's with me? MT? Don't you think it's about time you nut up?


  1. Wtf woman? I DO NOT do mornings - you know this! Why can't I be the workouts out at all hours of the night type of skinny bitch? I don't know that I want to be miss perky cheer leader annoy the f-ck out of my co-workers in the morning type of girl :)

  2. you go girl. we can virtually work out together in the am. I've realized that after a full day of work plus feeding family and chasing kids, I just wasn't up to making myself exercise. I was sooooo tired this morning, but got up and did yoga anyway. I know yoga doesn't sound like much to most people. It is really challenging to a non exercising couch potato.