Thursday, February 25, 2010

I kick ass

Today I'm tired, I'm unbelievably sore, I've already worked out SIX times this week, and honestly - I feel pretty damn good about it! I was pretty annoyed when Fat Girl Slim started on her "I'm gonna be a morning person" kick this week. I need a good 30 minutes before anyone talks to me, or looks at me, or even breathes around me. I shower, then I sit on/in the bathroom sink and drink my nice thick sludge-like black coffee.

Like this, except not as cute, and with a big ol' mug next to me.
What?! Don't judge me

Against my better judgment, I did Pilates yesterday morning before I had dropped the kids at school and speed to work. It was a HUGE time crunch, and we were almost late, and I forgot to put on my mascara, but I did it. And, do NOT tell FGS, but I kind of like how accomplished I felt afterwards. I got to work already thinking "hell yeah! I already exercised!". So I got up this morning, and did it again! While it might not be shocking to some, I never thought I would turn into an 'I lurve the way exercising makes me feel' type of girl. I think it might be happening though. And it's all her fault - obnoxious isn't she?!

I'm still having moments of shock, where I realize what I've just done (usually this is not a good thing for me). After a run, I'm pretty damn impressed with myself. After I conquer level 2 of the Shred, in between the groans of pain, I want to yell "I ROCK"!!!

It really, truly honestly completely sucks ass when you first start exercising - but I can promise you that if you just start pretty soon you will be admiring yourself too!
Cause really, couldn't we all use a little?!
And if your answer is no - I hate you, you skinny little twat

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