Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2nd Annual Fat Stats!!!

One short year ago today, our little blog was born with this post by Fat Girl Slimmed. Can you believe it?!

I honestly wasn't entirely convinced a blog was a good idea. Who would ever read it? It didn't mean I actually had to run a half marathon, did it? I mean, really, what was even the point?

Now listen closely, because this doesn't happen often. But since FGS did it that one time, I'm going to admit it - she was right about the blog. It has been a great place to vent, a place to stay accountable, a place where I get kudos, motivation, and comfort from you guys. Without it I don't know that I would've ever ran that half marathon!

I've got to tell you though, compiling the numbers for this week's fat stats I was more than upset. It's discouraging to see just how far I still have to go. But I'm not going to focus on that - I've ran a HALF MARATHON for Pete's sake!!!

So what have I accomplished? I'll tell you what, I've lost FOURTEEN inches. That's no small thang baby! I've also managed to lose 2.8 pounds (it was considerably more before the debacle that was the holidays). I'm going to put a positive spin on that and mention for that many inches lost, I've obviously replaced a bunch of fat with muscle!

Do I want more? Hell yes. Am I going to get there? Hell yes.

Muffin Top's Week 52 Numbers:

And our little FGS? How about her?

Home girl has lost a whopping THIRTY FOUR inches! Not only that, she's managed to lose (and keep off) 25.9 pounds. Can I get a hell yeah?!

Fat Girl Slim's Week 52 Numbers:

Stay tuned for my get-skinny-by-my-birthday plan tomorrow!

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  1. Dang, you guys are inspiring! Keep up all the hard work!