Friday, January 15, 2010

These Shoes Are Made For Running, And That's What They're Gonna Do...

In previous years, when I've purchased running shoes, I've simply gone to my local Kohl's and picked a pair. If they were comfortable, I was good. I'm not a picky bitch (Although I can't say the same thing for MT). Since it's the start of a brand new running season, MT and I figured we'd actually go to a REAL running store and have our stride analysis done. Thus, hopefully insuring I don't get another injury from wearing the wrong shoes. I needed a professional opinion. I had no idea whether I was overpronating or underpronating or just running like a freaking idiot (which is a distinct possibility).

Is this Lord of the Dance or a Marathon?

So on our prolonged lunch break, MT and I headed out to the Rogue Valley Runners store in Ashland, Oregon. This was a total learning experience, let me tell you. We both wore our old running kicks, and apparently that was the right move, because the dude helping us actually analyzed them as well. This hairy, hippy man knew his shit about running. First he studied our current shoes in great detail. Then, in a totally embarrassing moment, he had us run barefoot on a treadmill with our jeans rolled up, so he could record us and then play it back in slow motion. Now I know no one out there really sees MT or myself in person, but trust me when I say, we've both got some pretty big girls (and I don't mean children). Neither one of us were wearing our sports bras to work today, so I'm pretty sure I almost got knocked the fuck out by my boobs.

After several moments of mortification, the verdict was in. MT is an overpronator. Kind of sounds dirty, doesn't it? I am neutral. How boring, right? Apparently, most of the world either over or underpronates, because the selection of shoes available to us neutral folk was way smaller than the other options. And the shoes weren't as cute either.

Ok, they weren't this bad...

Running dude went right to work though, bringing out boxes and boxes of shoes for us to try on. And I'll say it again, the man knew his shit. The shoes I ended up with are ridiculously comfy and fit my foot like a glove. MT got a nice pair as well. That means at this point, the only thing stopping us from getting in shape is our own laziness and general lack of follow through. I guess we better get over that by Monday.

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