Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Excuses are like, well, you know. Or, how I stopped following through on anything.

I didn’t used to be so lazy. There was a time, not so long ago, when I did an hour of aerobics five (yeah, you heard me – FIVE) days a week. On top of that, I also went running Every. Single. Day. I had 2 jobs and a full load of programming and math classes at the local university.

How my stomach used to look. Well, not really, but almost…

And then …

And then – I don’t know what.

What happens that makes you give up on yourself? It was never a conscious decision on my part. I didn’t wake up one day and decide “oh screw it.” It's the little things, like one of the classes required for my degree was only offered was at the same time as my aerobics class. Then I graduated and got a full time job. I never did join a gym. Fast forward a couple years and I’m pregnant with my first baby. NINETY EIGHT pounds and nine months later I had myself an 11 pound baby (almost) toddler and stretch marks that looked like Freddy Kruger had raked over me.

By the time I lost (most of) the baby weight I was pregnant with #2. And boy did I learn my lesson from the first pregnancy – I only gained SEVENTY pounds that time. Fast forward another 5 years, and here I sit at my desk at work um, I mean at home, with excuses and a fat ass.

My own personal motto

So what now? It’s not like I haven’t tried before – tried to eat better, to be healthier, to lose weight. I have. And I’ve even succeeded a time or two. And then I run into the same problem that’s been plaguing me for years – I never following through on ANYTHING anymore. I have turned into a lazy, whiny, excuse filled twit.

Apparently I need some accountability, I need to have to admit to someone when I screw up so they can say WTF Were You Thinking?! And lucky me that “someone” comes in the form of my co-conspirator (and co-worker) Fat-Girl-Slim (FGS). I see her every single day, she sits about 10 feet away from me and sees everything that I put in my mouth (that's what she said!).

Now it's on like donkey-kong! We ARE going to do it. On days when I just don't want to eat healthy anymore, she can kick me in the butt. On days when FGS doesn't want to hit the gym I can push her out the door. The ultimate goal will (of course) be running a half marathon - that's THIRTEEN POINT ONE MILES! And if we can after we achieve that - we can do anything!

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