Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is Anybody Out There?

Gonna give it to you straight and simple - Fat Girl Slim and me are having a hard time with motivation to post.

If we knew that someone, anyone, was reading our ramblings - it would make it SO much easier!

So here's my challenge to you: if you are here, and you are reading this, please post a comment. Please. Let us know you're out there...


  1. I'm here! I read all your blog posts, but in my reader, so you might not be getting my reads in your stats.

  2. I'm hear and I have been following along through google reader. I recently found your blog about a month or so ago and have started reading back at the beginning of your journey and trying to catch up to where you are now. So far your journey has inspired me to start my own journey. I love that you two are real people, who think similar to the way I do, who have similar struggles that I deal with...it really sparks my motivation to want to get started right now. Thanks ladies :)

  3. Daisy & Jennifer ~
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! For commenting, for reading, for everything :) It made my whole day when I saw that you had commented!
    We'll keep the posts coming, pinky promise

  4. ok so I've been having a million and one different problems posting on blogger blogs that don't have the comments field set up as a pop up window...but I *THINK* this might actually go through because it says I'm logged in (previous attempts would tell me I'm logged in but my screen name wouldn't show up as a comment as option and my comment disappears...weird I know but it's not just your blog it's all blogger blogs! and this is why I haven't commented previously because it wouldn't go through!)

    So anyway, now that I'm done rambling that I'm actually so happy to be able to comment I will leave my comment! I revamped my diet last week and I've already seen 5lbs of loss!!! It could be water weight so I'm not trying to jinx myself, BUT it's been motivating me to stick through these two weeks of clean eating before I can add a *few* bad foods back to my diet. So anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say in a round about way is that you shouldn't give up on running!!! Even if you have to switch up to the tread mill in the winter time. And you should definitely give insanity a try...If you eat a little bit like a slice of whole grain bread before your work out it might help keeping you from getting nauseous....and who says you can't take a rest or modify the work outs to your comfort level :)

  5. I read (from my google reader)! You guys are both inspirational, and funny.as.hell.

  6. I am here and loving every minute of it. I need the motivation girls - GIVE IT TO ME!!!! :)