Wednesday, September 8, 2010

If It Wasn't For You...

Our little blog has THIRTY SIX followers and FORTY SEVEN google reader subscribers! Sure, in comparison to some sites out there, these numbers might seem laughable, but to me they are epic! It blows my mind that anyone would want to listen to me rant, whine, ramble and cuss. But you DO! You really DO!

It is really and truly a big deal to me that anyone shows up here. I feel a certain sense of obligation, like I've made a promise to you guys and I have to follow through.

Here's a couple (possibly) little known facts:

Fact: If I wouldn't have had to post about it, I might have given up on my half training.

Fact: If it wasn't for the fact that I knew I would have to fess up to you guys, I might have walked the last mile of the half marathon.

Fact: If we didn't have any readers, I would not be so determined to jump back up on the (healthy eating) wagon.

Fact: I lurve each and everyone of you guys :)

Wuv. Twu wuv...

So, what's the plan, you might be wondering? Good freakin' question. Me and Fat Girl Slim have been pondering that very thing. Our blog is to half marathon. Yeah, well, we did the half (YEAH US!). So what now?

Well, most importantly, we absolutely, without a doubt, unequivocally must get our eating under control. If we are burning upwards of 700 - 800 calories a day and not losing weight... We are screwing up somewhere. And I think we all know where that is - our big, fat pie holes.

On that vein, as of today, we both have a copy of The Spark. It looks very promising and motivational. I plan to read most of it tonight. We'll try and get you a review by Friday.

I have a lot of other, more concrete goals, but I'm feeling like I need to really iron them out so I can present them to you all at once.

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  1. "Fact: If I wouldn't have had to post about it, I might have given up on my half training."
    This right here I can relate to. Plus all the people in real life that I told about my training. Having people to report back to REALLY helps!
    Excited to see what your next big goal is!