Friday, September 17, 2010

I Got A Go Wear Fit... And I've Fallen In Love With It.

Better get this out of the way... No one from the Go Wear Fit company or Body Media or anyone else for that matter is paying me to talk about this. I mean, c'mon. Our blog has like, fifty readers max? Trust me when I say NO ONE would pay us for this.

That said, I'm in lurve with a piece of technology, and you guys need to know about it. I want to marry and have little Go Wear Fit babies with it. I've only had it for five days, but I'm not sure I'll ever be able to live without it again. For those of you not in the know, a Go Wear Fit is a little device you wear on your arm. While you go about your business, it measures everything your body is doing for you. Heart rate, steps taken, temperature, etc. Hell, it even measures your sleep efficiency!!!! This thing is freaking amazing. And better than all that, it plugs all the information into easily readable graphs, as well as letting you plug in your food intake!! Genius. Pure, freaking genius.
Behold.... The magic maker....

I've been coveting it ever since I started reading the Body By Pizza blog [because I want anything Rachel has, natch], but I don't think I realized how WAY useful that sucker is. Today is a prime example of the epic usefulness. Due to some SERIOUSLY poor food choices, I'm already 1911 calories in at 4:00pm. Well have no fear, dieting friends. My handy dandy GWF [that's Go Wear Fit, for all of you not into acronyms] will help me out. I will work out tonight until I burn enough calories to make up for it. I WILL achieve my 1000 calorie deficit. And I also will not eat dinner. [That's kind of a given, right?] Not that I'd even be hungry anyways. I'm sporting quite the food baby from my never ending pasta bowl.

I totes need this shirt today!!!!

To add to the recent GWF fun, Muffin Top and I decided to do a little competition. Stay tuned on Monday for that. Whoever burns the most calories, has the biggest deficit AND has the most logged exercise time will win a prize, or something. I'm always game for a little healthy competition. And there is no cheating, because the numbers don't lie, my friends!!!!

I hope you all have a fan-freaking-tabulous, calorie burning weekend!!! We'll see you Monday and show you all the results!!

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  1. Thanks so much for dropping by and giving me the link to this post. I'm gonna go read more and see how you used this gizmo. THANKS.