Friday, September 24, 2010

I Guess It's My Turn

Fat Girl Slim busted out her fall bucket list yesterday, so I guess it's my turn.

Let me get this out there first - the beginning of fall depresses me. It means the end of warm weather. No more tank tops and shorts, and flip-flops. No more camping by the lake. No more nights where the kids can play outside at 8 because it's still light and warm out. No more clear blue skies.

I want to cry just thinking about it.

Fall isn't completely horrible though - that is, when it's more of an Indian summer, which is totally what I'm praying for!

So, back to the bucket list...

Here's some things I'd like to accomplish this fall:
  1. Weigh 160 pounds by Halloween.
  2. Dress up in a fun costume for Halloween.
  3. Go to the harvest festival
  4. Go on the pumpkin train & carve pumpkins with my kids.
  5. Rake leaves and jump in the piles.
  6. Go for after-dinner walks with the family.
  7. Make hot apple cider and carmel apples.
  8. Seriously consider and decide whether or not I want to run the Eugene Marathon.
  9. Continue to be consistent with my exercise and healthy eating.
  10. Weigh 150 pounds by my company Christmas party.
How about you? Any exciting fall plans or things you'd like to do?

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