Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Daily Grindage

So, I don't know if anyone at all really cares to see what I'm consuming on a daily basis - but I'm gonna show it to you any way!

Here's what I ate yesterday, followed by the calories I burned through exercise:

I these numbers won't be exact, but if you do the math between calories in (1,624) and calories expended (700), that only leaves me with a net 924 calories. Ouch? Can that be right? Cause that kind of number doesn't seem healthy...

This is just the first day of hard core tracking though, so we'll see how it goes and tweak it here and there where ever necessary.

Tell me what you think - I'm floundering here!


  1. Ohhh, that's a beefy net (...that sounds wrong). Do you know what your BMR is so you can calculate your actual deficit? Deficits -- both big and small -- are part of the game, but you need something to compare your net calories to.

  2. My bmr is 1,580 (i think). So, with my exercise for that day it would bump it up to 2,280. I ate 1,624 calories, so would that mean my deficit is 656 (2280 - 1624)???