Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Why Alanis Morissette Is My New Idol, Or Something.

Cause she ran a marathon and fucked Ryan Reynolds. The end.

Go Alanis, it's your birthday!  We're gonna party like it's your birthday!

Ok, so that explanation is kinda short, but it really does cut to the quick of the matter, doesn't it? So how else could this whiney, man-scorned chick with one hand in her pocket be someone I'd idolize?

I've never really cared too much for Alanis. Ok, that's sort of a lie. There was a period of time, around 9th grade, where I totally dug her music. I mean, who didn't listen to "You Oughta Know" and wonder if going down on your guy in a theater was really all it took to make you a rockin' girlfriend? Then you realized you were way too chicken to actually DO that, so if Alanis really did she must be super cool. She sort of lost me though when she went through her crazy, healing India phase, and I went to high school. She really hasn't been on my radar since. Until last week, that is.

Who didn't own this album??  Right?  Right?

I was reading some quotes from Runner's World articles and I came upon this one, which I loved:

I think there is no better way to invite a human being to view their body differently than by inviting them to be an athlete, by revering one’s body as an instrument rather than just an ornament. It’s a really great way to reorient how you see your body so you can see it as this incredible, awe-inspiring machine that you need to fuel well in order for it to function.

What an awesome quote!!! Then I saw Alanis Morissette wrote it. The fuck? I didn't even know she was an athelete of any kind, let alone a runner. I ended up finding this interview she did for Runner's World, and wham, bam, thank you ma’am; she's now my new idol. I even listened to her music last week again. It was like re-living middle school [which was freaking vile, because middle school was the closest thing to hell I've ever experienced].

So of course, I start stalking googling her, and how could I forget that she bumped uglies [although I bet his isn't ugly!] with Ryan Reynolds? They were together for quite awhile, actually! And... almost better than that [ok, not really] is the fact that she drinks green smoothies and loves kale!! You guys know how I feel about kale!!! It's like Alanis and I are twins separated at birth. Or something. Except we must be fraternal, cause I'm definitely the fatter twin.

I think everyone should take a little time out to read her article. She's surprisingly level-headed and genuine. It seems as though she's moved swiftly past her "man-hating-whiney-sorta-psychotic" phase and into a new, healthy one. I like that. I like her. And I'm not confirming this, but I may have added "You Oughta Know" onto my running playlist, just for a little inspiration.