Friday, April 2, 2010

Last Night, I Made Jillian Michaels My Bitch. Or A Post About Boundries.

By the time I got off work last night, I was pumped. During my commute, all I could think about was doing the Level 3 Shred, and doing it well. I was practically begging for release by the time I walked in the door [that's what he said]. And you know what? I nailed that work out. Jillian Michaels had nothing on me; I made her my bitch! After I got done I was dripping sweat and wearing a shit-eating grin. THAT is how working out is meant to be, people! It meant so much more though because of how utterly shitty I had felt the day before.

Don't give me bitch face, I owned you last night.

Let's go back to that fateful Wednesday. It was complete shit from start to finish. I had been to the dentist on Tuesday, and that always takes an unusually big toll on my body for some reason. Add that to our insane workout schedule this week, and it was just bad news. We started running Wednesday evening and I had to stop and walk half way through. The fuck? I was pissed. I haven't had to stop and walk for weeks! Then I went home and couldn't even finish Level 1 Shred. Level freaking ONE! I was so frustrated and defeated that night, not to mention ridiculously sore and tired.

You can end up dead, or feeling like it.  Trust me.

While I lay in bed and suffered, I texted MT and told her I would not be running the next day. I never do that, and damn was I feeling guilty. It was time to listen to my body though. My body was screaming, "Listen you bitch! This is too much! TOO much!” So yesterday I felt really grumpy about it. I didn't give in and run though. I didn't wake up and do Pilates. And by 4:00pm, I was a new person! Something started building in me [not that, pervert!]. It felt like I needed to exercise ASAP. And so I did. I rocked that Level 3 Shred like I never have before.

Yes, yes I do.  Sometimes at least...
To my point now, I tell you this story to remind you one thing: if you start to feel like ass, slow your roll. We knew we'd have to kick up the exercise a few notches these weeks in order to finish well in our 5k. However, when both of us can barely walk, it's probably a sign that we are working too hard. It seems really hard for me to remember that my body needs rest to work properly along with all the exercise. I suppose it was a good lesson to learn early on. Today I'm still feeling pretty damn happy about that work out; believe me when I say it was worth resting for.

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