Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday No Stats: Week 12

This Monday FGS and me are giving ourselves a present - NO fat stats. Our 5K is in five (short) days and we need to keep our eyes on the prize. Not that measurements will somehow deter us from this, but bad numbers will certainly put you in the wrong frame of mind. And considering the weekend we just came off of, skipping the scale isn't to bad of an idea.

I don't know about you, but I have a ridiculously large family. We celebrated Easter with only 1/2 of mine and Mr. MT's family - one half, mind you - and it took the entire damn weekend. Normally I would be totally stoked to have crazy good food that I didn't have to make - and LOTS of it! Not so helpful when you are trying your damnedest to be good though!

To sum up my self control and will power this weekend - EPIC FAIL. I consumed my own body weight in chocolate. And the funny thing is, looking back, I didn't even really enjoy it all that much. Now I feel like crap too, all icky and no energy. I completely regret it. The worst part though is that even though I know that crap makes me feel horrible, that's all I'm craving. I want yummy scrumdidiliumptious food, and lots of it, and I want it NOW!

I want it and I want it NOW!!!

I'm not going to though. I can't. That would mean that the last 12 f-ing weeks would all be for naught. And I've hurt, and sweated and whined WAY TO MUCH to do that. So I'm pullin' up my big girl panties and moving on. Today at lunch, what did me and FGS do? Did we go to Olive Garden and have oodles of noodles? Hell No! We went for a thirty three minute run! And there was NO walking, not one damn minute of it!

Did it hurt? Hell yeah - but WE ROCKED THAT SHIT!!! Here's to a kick-ass week ladies, no regrets - we only move forward from here!

Here I come baby, I'm coming to GET CHA!

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