Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Fat Stats - Week 14

Just got back from a lunch time run. I honestly thought I was going to pass out, it was an incredibly hard run. Not that it was to long or anything, just our usual 3 miles. My body was just not having it though. Weird. So, my attitude about running (and exercise in general) is not at an all time high. I'm trying to learn to accept that there will be "off" days - but if it sucks, it sucks - regardless if you accept it.

You have to get over it though. If you want to be healthy and fit you've got to let it go. No looking back, what's done is done. You have to acknowledge the successes you've had up to this point, and focus on your future successes. If you don't, there probably won't be any future successes.

So, a little success acknowledgement:

Fat Girl Slim's Week 14 Numbers:

Muffin Top's Week 14 Numbers:

Hell-to-the-Yeah!!! Granted, the pounds aren't coming off as quickly as I'd like, but they are coming off! I just have to continue being consistent. It works, I just have to do it. Crappy run be damned.

What about the future? Here's what we have on tap for this week:

Monday: 3 Miles
Tuesday: Cross Train
Wednesday: 2.5 Miles
Thursday: Cross Train
Friday: 2 Miles
Saturday: 3.5 Miles
Sunday: REST!

 Here's hoping for the best!

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