Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Fat Stats - Week 38

This last week was EPIC!!!

Both FGS and me lost 3.4 pounds apiece! How freaking cool are we?

It's really quite amazing what can happen when you really apply yourself. I've always known that keeping track of your calories in / out is supposed to produce results. I guess maybe I just didn't believe that it would work for me. That no matter what I do, I will fail.

Well, self-doubt, put that 3.4 pounds in your pipe and smoke it!

Here are the numbers, I believe they speak for themselves:

Fat Girl Slim's Week 38 Numbers:

Muffin Top's Week 38 Numbers:

In case you didn't notice, I thought I would point out that I also lost 1.75 inches this week! Woot!!!

I really believe that getting my GoWear Fit has been a major catalyst in getting in gear. I'll write more on that another day though.

Feel free to tell us how fabulous we are in the comments :)