Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's ON

I need some accountability. I need a plan. I need a schedule.

For awhile after I got my Go Wear Fit I was posting my daily intake and expenditures. For awhile I was posting my workout schedules.

What happened? I just got out of the habit I suppose.

No longer!

I am going to start posting DAILY with my total calorie intake and calories burned. I am going to start posting WEEKLY with my workout schedule. If I'm feeling extra super motivated I might even post what I eat daily, like the details even.

Because you guys deserve the my best. If you are going to use part of your day to check in here then you deserve to see us busting ass and getting results!


  1. Amen, sister!!!!

    We will DO this shit!

  2. Yay! WooHoo! **throwing confetti**

    K, that was my cheerleader mode, hope it helps.

  3. It helps me stay accountable when I post what I eat (when I remember haha)