Friday, December 10, 2010

How My Thursday Went

So, remember yesterday how I said I was going to be more accountable to you guys? Well here is the first day of that!

For any newbies out there, both me and Fat Girl Slim are both sporting GoWear Fits. Here is a snapshot of my GoWear Fit summary from yesterday:

I didn't do to bad yesterday. I like to burn about 3,000 calories a day, so I was a little short there. My physical activity and steps take were also short. This is because I didn't hit the gym at lunch. On Thursdays I volunteer at my kid's school during lunch (insert collective "ahs" here). I know, I'm awesome.

The one thing that I AM super proud of is the fact that I kept my calories under control. Yeah me!!!

This is the one area that I struggle the most with, and any day that I can conquer is a kick-ass day in my book.

Here's to hoping today is rockin' too!

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