Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Win, Fail & Obsession

Happy Tuesday! I'm practically buzzing with excitement, because tomorrow I leave for vacation!!! My wonderful, sexy husband is FINALLY graduating from police academy. [helllooooo, handcuffs!], so we are headed 6 hours away to see him do so.

This last week has been a cluster for me. Work, packing, more work, it's just insanity. I realized there has been lots of WIN this week, but also lots of total FAIL. So I decided to break them down in this post. Also, I've been having a bit of obsession, but more on that at the end. Let's start with the WIN, shall we???

Total WIN. I finally wore a new, much smaller outfit to my co-worker's gathering Saturday night:

Not bad... no idea why I have such a goofy look on my face.

We won't mention the FAIL that was MT at said gathering. Let's just say, she needs to never consume that much alcohol again. Yet another WIN: I finally figured out what I'm wearing to my husband's graduation. Complete with the 'fuck me' boots. Hellz yeah.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but it works.

And a final WIN. I found that I don't look bad in hats! I got this cute number from Target, and I am totally in love with it. What do you think?

Don't mind my self-portrait fail...

And now for the FAIL. Food, food and more food. My co-worker's awesome wife made us some "Sex on your tongue" cake. Or at least that is what we decided to call it. It was freaking magical, and MT and I couldn't stay out of it. I believe it was pumpkin cheesecake of some kind with a rum/brown sugar/pecan glaze. Sooooo good. Sooooo bad for my ass.

There are no words to adequately describe how good this was...

Yet another food FAIL this week was Halloween candy. Have you guys tried the chocolate-covered peeps??? They are magic as well. Total ass-widening poofy marshmallow magic.

Mmmm... refined sugar....

Finally, I must mention the obsession. My scale and I are in a war. I know logically that I can't lose weight every day. I know my weight is going to fluctuate daily, and I need to focus on the long term. SO why do I step on it every morning??? Why do I obsess over my Go Wear Fit numbers like they are the end all, be all of my life?? I'm really not sure. However, I did something full on CRAZY last night. I took off my Go Wear Fit. I refuse to put it on until my vacation is over. I also refuse to step on the scale. Tough love, baby.

So I guess that is all for now. I leave you in Muffin Top's capable hands for the rest of the week. Don't have too much fun while I'm gone.