Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bucking the *uck Up

So, I started a new (much, much better) job last week and am hopeful this will mean considerably more posting. Of course any posting will be "more" than the NO posting we've been doing!

FGS and me are still (more or less) on track with marathon training. Just today during lunch I did week 7, day 1 of the Couch-To-5K. Go me! Not gonna lie, it was hard as hell. When I think about how much more in shape I used to be I get really down. I mean, I ran a half fucking marathon! Now I can't even make it through 25 minutes without walking.

But I will not let that deter me!!!

My C25K app had a great inspirational quote today:

"Vision without action is a daydream."

I spend way to much time daydreaming about the things that I want and not nearly enough time working to make my dreams a reality. It's easy to say that I need to do more, but why is it so damn hard to put into practice?

Part of my problem is that a part of me is still hoping and waiting to find that “quick” fix. The magic pill. The overnight success.

This shit isn’t easy though, and although it might get a bit easier, it’s always going to be work. It just is.

So here’s to bucking up!