Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There Is Good.

Hi friends. Fat Girl Slim here. Did you miss us while we were gone???
I sat down tonight, and frankly I felt like ranting to you all. Not necessarily about diet and exercise, but about how bad life can sometimes be. About how unfair and cruel things are. Lately I've been struggling at life. Not enough time, too much work, friends dealing with horrible circumstances that no parent ever should, lots of fear and generalized anxiety. I have so much fear lately. Way too much stress over things out of my control.

You know what though? I'm not going to rant about anything. I need to take a moment tonight to realize that there is still good. I cannot change the hurt and the pain, but I can take on a new attitude.

So without further ado...

You know what's good? Him and I are good. He may drive me crazy at times, but overall I'm extremely blessed to be in this marriage.

These three are way better than good. They truly are my motivaion in all things. I try desperately to never take them for granted.

Sisters are good.  Whenever I start to freak out in life, all I need to do is call my sister.  Both of them understand me in a way that no one else does.

Tiffany's is good. And the fact that I got to shop there this weekend is even better.

The warm weather is good. Spring has finally arrived, and I'm loving every second we get to spend outdoors.

New teeth are good. Finally, 10 years after my accident and 2 years after starting the process, I have beautiful new teeth. It feels amazing to smile.

Cupcakes are good. 'Nuff said.

Big cities at night on a getaway with your husband. All good.

My son has recently shown a real interest in baseball. I'm thrilled to be buying him his first glove this weekend. I'm even more thrilled that I'm not so out of shape anymore. I wan to be able to keep up with this guy!!!

Take time to seek out the good today, friends.  It's there when we look hard enough.

I'll end with this quote about attitude. I promise you all; I'm really trying to change mine.

"If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it." ~Mary Engelbreit


  1. Wonderful post! Really need to read this today. (hugs)

  2. Yes, there are good things in every life. Sometimes we forget it, but then there aer those reminders - particularly our children - who remind us.

  3. Beautiful post. You and the hubs look wonderful, your kids are adorable and that smile of yours is perfect, don't forget to share it.

    Btw, I think of you nearly every morning when I add spinach to my smoothies now, which reminds me I could use some avocados. Just thought you should know :)