Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time Well F*cking Spent

I know we haven't been posting, and I'm really sorry for that.

But I'm here now and I'm going to tell you about the epicness that was last weekend. Later in the week I'll tell you about our *MARATHON* plans!!!

So, what did we do? Fat Girl Slim and I went on a road trip! To where you ask?

A little town in the very North East corner of Washington state known as "Forks". Why, you might ask.

Cause we're dorks like that and we aren't ashamed damn it!!!

Twitarded. If you don't read it, you damn well should!

The BEST bitches EVER, over at Twitarded put together a get-together of epic proportions.

We came (not like that you fucking perv), we saw, we drank, we made great friends!

The sleepy little town of Forks, I don't think they even knew what hit em.

Did I mention we drank???

One of our absolute favs, Sailor & Satan (aka Diet Dr. Pepper)

There may have been a Jaeger bomb involved...

Which may have led to...

And to...

Cause we're both a couple of hos and we know it...

But that's not all we did! We saw some of the most beautiful places you can imagine!

Lake Crescent

First Beach 

The Hoh (*snickers*) Rain Forest

All in all it was possible the best time I've ever had in my life. Thanks to my best bitch FGS. Damn I love that girl!!!

Best Bitches


  1. Loved meeting you both, had a blast..can't wait for our next adventure.

  2. It was so fun meeting you guys!! Wish we would have all had more time to hang just wasn't long enough (twss). Love the pics!

  3. So great to meet you. It was an awesome weekend!

  4. SQUUUUEEEE I am so thankful I was able to give you fabulous ladies hugs <3

    I cannot wait until my Oregon trip! I want to see your faces!